Renting a Private Jet in Sochi: Prices, conditions, examples

Traveling from Moscow to Sochi is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea, mountain scenery and warm climate. To make your trip truly comfortable and exclusive, we invite you to consider chartering a private jet with JETVIP.

Order a Business Jet for a flight from Moscow to Sochi

1. Efficiency and Flexibility

You can order a business jet in Moscow or Sochi

Moscow and Sochi are two popular cities in Russia, and a private jet makes traveling between them surprisingly fast and comfortable. In Moscow, Vnukovo-3 airport is the most popular airport for business aviation. Sochi Airport is inferior in the number of available aircraft for rent and most often the plane to Sochi will fly from Moscow.

2. Privacy and Comfort

Chartering a private jet provides you and your business delegation with the highest level of privacy and comfort. You decide who will be on board and can conduct important business meetings in privacy. The cabins of business jets are equipped with everything necessary for work and rest.

Rent an Airplane for a Flight from Moscow to Sochi and Back

If you need to organize a flight from Moscow to Sochi and back, then renting a private jet from JETVIP is the ideal solution. You will be able to choose a convenient departure time and spend your time on the road as comfortably as possible, making your trip as efficient as possible.

Support from JETVIP: Your Reliable Partner in Private Jet Rental

We encourage you to use JETVIP, the best private jet charter brokerage company. Our experience and professionalism will provide your trip with high quality service. We'll give you a choice from the many private jets available and tailor the best itinerary to suit your needs.

Ready to make your trip from Moscow to Sochi unforgettable? Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our private jet charter services. We will be happy to help you plan your ideal trip and make it truly unique and comfortable.

Choose JETVIP for your next private jet charter and let us make your trip unforgettable.

Private Jet Examples and Rental Costs

When it comes to chartering private jets, the choices are varied and prices can vary depending on the model and class. Here are some examples of private jets and estimated rental costs:

The Hawker 850 is a midzise aircraft, ideal for short flights. Rental prices start at $2,500 per hour. Capacity up to 8 passengers. Rental price for an aircraft Moscow - Sochi from RUB 2,500,000.

The Challenger 300 is a super midsize business jet with comfort and efficiency. Rental prices range from $3,000 to $4,500 per hour. Capacity up to 9 passengers

Bombardier Challenger 650 or Legacy 600 - Luxurious large aircraft with maximum comfort and privacy. Rental prices start at $6,000 and can reach $10,000 per hour. Capacity up to 13 passengers

Challenger 850: With large seats and outstanding performance, the Challenger 850 is ideal for group travel for up to 14 passengers. Rental price Moscow - Sochi available on request.

Please note that prices may vary depending on service provider, additional services and length of rental.

JETVIP: Your Reliable Partner in Aircraft Rental

Our team of professionals is ready to make your trip as comfortable and carefree as possible. We provide access to a variety of aircraft classes to suit your unique needs.


Booking a private jet charter from Sochi is an investment in your comfortable and efficient travel experience. You can focus on your goals, work and play while flying in style and comfort. Don't miss the opportunity to make your next trip to Sochi unforgettable with a private jet charter. Maintain comfort and reliability with JETVIP - your trusted private jet charter partner.

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