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Challenger 650
  • Speed
    893 km/h
  • Range
    7408 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 12 pax
Rental price
from 5400 €/hour
Legacy 650E
  • Speed
    850 km/h
  • Range
    7370 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 13 pax
Rental price
from 5500 €/hour
Citation XLS+
  • Speed
    802 km/h
  • Range
    3440 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 8 pax
Rental price
from 2600 €/hour
Hawker 900XP
  • Speed
    793 km/h
  • Range
    5219 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 8 pax
Rental price
from 3800 €/hour

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