JETVIP offers jet charters staffed and equipped for emergency medical transport.  When a patient requiring a procedure or treatment is too weak to be moved by traditional commercial air, a private charter can offer rapid patient transfers with full medical oversight and care.

While on board private jets, cabin pressure is lower compared to commercial flights and allows for the presence of more oxygen and better breathing for a critical patient.  Every air ambulance is staffed by a nurse and doctor, and flights can be arranged to ensure the patient reaches the hospital at the necessary time.

Our Air Ambulance experts will bring you back home safe and fast | 24/7. Experienced Experts. Bed to Bed. Available 24/7. Services: 24h Service, Bed to Bed-Service, Medical Air Service, Visa.

If you are interested in the price of the service Medical charter, medical flight on a private plane, Air ambulance, air ambulance, Medical escort on an airplane, Air medical service, MEDEVAC aircraft, Medical helicopter - then JetVip LLC will create all the necessary conditions for fast and safe transportation of a patient by air domestically or anywhere in the world. We have extensive experience in the medical aviation industry. The company's fleet has several vessels with the necessary equipment. Medical flights are operated by private jets and helicopters anywhere in the world.

The typical cost range from $25,000 to $80,000:

  • Medivac from Middle East to Europe – Range from $60,000 (£49,000) – $80,000 (£65,000)
  • Medivac within Europe – Range from $25,000 (EUR 22,000) – $50,000 (EUR 45,000)

Our medical aircraft is equipped with an intensive care unit and is manned by a medical flight crew including a doctor and/or a nurse.

Our aircraft carry the latest medical equipment, such as:

  • Fitted intensive care unit
  • Adjustable cabin pressure, which provides low-altitude flight allowing us to treat patients en-route
  • Compact defibrillator/monitor system
  • Portable blood gas analyzer
  • Satellite telephone

The transportation of bedridden patients by plane is a task of particular importance that requires careful preparation:

ships for such air transportation must be equipped with special devices. We are talking about both conventional holders, stands for droppers and aids, as well as special electronic devices;
victims often require first aid. Our employees, with significant experience in the field of medical aviation and constantly improving their skills, are ready to provide it at any second;
pilots are able to transport bed patients as accurately as possible. They control the aircraft so that the flight takes place without unnecessary surprises (shaking, turbulence, etc.).

Not many companies can provide such conditions. And to fulfill their obligations at a high level - two or three throughout Russia. We are one such company. Russian Air ambulance company!

The price of renting an aircraft for medical evacuation or renting an ambulance aircraft always depends on many parameters. The type of aircraft, how many people are accompanying the patient, what specialists are needed to accompany the patient and what special equipment, how urgently and from where / where the patient needs to be delivered. In any case, we have performed a large number of complex medical flights both within Russia and abroad and will be able to provide the optimal aircraft for a specific task.

An air medical evacuation (also known as a medevac or medivac) is a method of private air transportation for patients who are too ill or injured or COVID 19.

Air ambulance planes with medical equipment and a supply of medicines

Hawker 850XP
  • Speed
    793 km/h
  • Range
    4893 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 8 pax
Rental price
from 3600 €/hour
Challenger 604
  • Speed
    850 km/h
  • Range
    7458 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 12 pax
Rental price
from 4900 €/hour
Hawker 700A
  • Speed
    806 km/h
  • Range
    4725 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 8 pax
Rental price
from 3100 €/hour
Hawker 800A
  • Speed
    741 km/h
  • Range
    5472 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 8 pax
Rental price
from 3500 €/hour
Sukhoi Business Jet
  • Speed
    950 km/h
  • Range
    4420 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 19 pax
Rental price
from 10000 €/hour
  • Speed
    510 km/h
  • Range
    1800 km
  • No. of seats
    up to 13 pax
Rental price
from 2700 €/hour

JETVIP company provides international medevac air ambulance and repatriation services for patients across the world.

Our global operations work around the clock to assist you 24/7. for all your medical flight requests. 

Call +43 676 3612423 or email to learn more!

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