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Elena PA

I would like to express my gratitude for the professional work of the entire JETVIP company. The manager set the task of taking …

Maria (PA)

We have a unique case. I am a personal assistant and have been dealing with aircraft rental issues for many years. Having extensive …

Anna Liberman

This is what it means to have good business aviation partners. JETVIP helped us fly directly from Moscow to Nice, and our friends …

Alfa reality

We accidentally came across JETVIP while looking for a private jet rental company on the Internet, but then it turned out that our …

Victoria (PA)

We did not know that the flight to the World Cup in Qatar would be so difficult. We contacted several companies and chose …


On August 22, 2021, we needed an urgent medical evacuation of a patient with lung damage from Sochi to Moscow. We found several …


We fly very often and somehow did not pay attention to catering, but this time we were very pleasantly surprised and even took …

Andrey Chernovec

We have booked a private plane flight on the route Moscow - Riga - Munich. Initially, we received an olt from another company …


The flight to the Maldives turned out to be pleasant in itself, I used the JetSharing service from the JETVIP air broker for …

Anastasia Tatarenko

Before my husband flew to Geneva for a meeting, he was very worried, he was afraid that he would not be in time …

Oleg Samoilov

I appreciate JETVIP because they can find a private jet anywhere in the world. I already flew to London on a business jet, …


Feel free to order a private jet charter from them, we have been doing this for a long time and have the status …


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