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Seat sharing for private jets

In 2020, such a direction in business aviation as seat sharing has become very popular. This service is also called on the market: jet sharing, shuttles on business jets, private jet shuttles, buying a ticket for a business jet, etc.

Seat sharing services allow travelers to buy seats on a per person basis, on a private aircraft, whether it’s on a bespoke charter flight or on a pre-determined route (a shuttle). This can bring the cost of the flight down considerably, the seat for a fixed price costs from 2500€ till 10000€, depending on the route. The seat sharing allows you to book one or more seats for yourself, colleagues, friends, family members or company.

Due to direct cooperation with the operator, we can offer the best prices for flights using the Jet sharing system. Discounts are possible when buying a round-trip flight. Check with our consultants for details.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, special attention is paid to safety and hygiene on board that you feel confident about your travel experience. All aircraft are fully disinfected, and additional filters and air purification products are in operation. Disinfection of a business jet includes a set of measures aimed at destroying pathogenic microflora in the cockpit, cabin, bathroom, kitchen and luggage compartment of the aircraft, in order to create favorable conditions for the transportation of passengers. For more details, please contact our managers.

During a pandemic, special regulations have been developed to increase the passengers and aircraft safety:

  • The least busy time is booked for takeoffs and landings of a business jet.
  • Contacts in control services are reduced to the permitted minimum.
  • In the waiting areas and on board, VIP passengers have enough space for comfortable rest and work without the threat of infection.
  • Disinfection with thorough treatment of all surfaces is carried out after each landing of the aircraft, regardless of the number of people who were in the cabin.

Taking into the consideration the WHO recommendations, private flights have become the only way to travel long distances without risk to health.

Documents and grounds for departure

Since the information on the necessary documents in different countries is constantly changing, the most reliable options would be: contact the embassy of the state you are going to and clarify what documents are needed to visit the country.

In most European countries, only citizens or residents (residence permit) of the country of destination can fly. Indirect grounds can be medical treatment, education of children, family reunification or ownership of real estate. But ultimately, it all depends on the specific country. Our consultants will answer all your questions regarding the possibility of flights. Also on our website you can find a complete list of open countries to which all citizens of the Russian Federation can fly.

The key JETVIP advantages

Our company has been working in the business aviation market for more than 10 years, and over the years of successful performance we set the benchmark for safety in aviation, which exceeds industry standards, that helps us during the COVID-19 pandemic to guarantee all our clients to experience safe and comfortable flying around the world.

When contacting JETVIP managers, you can personally appreciate the following benefits:

  • 1. Individual approach;
  • 2. Service 24/7;
  • 3. Lack of hidden fees and membership fees;
  • 4. Security and confidentiality guarantees.
  • 5. Professionalism
  • 6. Best offers and prices

We offer a full range of services on the business aviation market, and we vouch for the impeccable quality of the result. Our key advantage is highly trained, educated staff with wide experience, streamlined internal processes and a developed network of partners around the world. We guarantee you world-class global aviation services!

In its own database there are more than 5,000 aircraft units with various flight ranges, capacities and a wide variety of operational characteristics. Turning to the services of business aviation from JETVIP, we provide a variety of choices to fit individual travel needs and offer the best prices on the market. In addition, we are ready to provide information support, and select an individual package of services necessary to organize a high-class travel worldwide.

Our company operates more than 80 flights monthly on various directions. We are happy to share with our clients all accumulated experience in the business aviation and travel.

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    Flight preparations

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    Bon Voyage!


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